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Twisted “A” Fitness believes that Everyone is an athlete…


The mission of Twisted “A” Fitness is to provide an environment and staff that is professional and knowledgeable with the full intent and dedication to assist its athletes in achieving their fitness goals. Twisted “A” will always challenge its athletes to attain their very best and encourage its athletes to motivate others to achieve the same.


Twisted “A” is vastly different from the multitude of exercise regimens offered in globo gyms throughout the world. Twisted A’s fitness regimen aims to improve each athletes physical capacity across each of the 10 fitness domains: agility, balance, cardio-respiratory, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, stamina, and strength.


We do not work with elliptical machines, cable-weight systems, or stationary bikes. Rather, our tools include barbells, bumper weight plates, gymnastic rings, plyometric boxes, kettlebells, and our bodies.


No hamstring curls, no tricep pull-downs, no chest fly exercises. Think about it…..when would you use a hamstring curl movement to sit up from a chair or move from point a to point b? When would you bicep curl your child when taking him/her out of the crib? Would you ever chest fly a box onto a 7-foot shelf? The answer is never. We use a squatting motion to get up from a chair. We use a lifting motion to pick our children up. We shoulder press boxes onto a 7-foot high shelf. In everyday life, we use functional movements. We walk. We run. We squat. We press. We pull. We jump. We climb. And, we utilize our core muscles executing daily activities. Here at Twisted “A” Fitness, we focus on improving functional movements that are used in everyday life, in day-to-day tasks, and work to improve those skills.


No more redundancy, growing stagnant, or loss of motivation. We vow to keep the workouts new, fresh, challenging, and always fun. Our instructors are specially trained and certified instructors that will motivate you, keep you going, and assist you in achieving your fitness goals. One day you may be working with gymnastic rings. The next day, perhaps a mix of cardiovascular work and Olympic weightlifting. The next day after that, you may arrive with a huge tractor tire waiting outside with one of our instructors (smiling) betting that you have no idea what you are about to do with that huge tire. Its new, exciting, challenging, and always fun at Twisted “A” Fitness.


The beautiful thing about the Twisted “A” program is that it is scaleable to suit any fitness level and a majority of workouts can be completed in approximately 45 minutes, which includes the warm-up and cool down stretch… a strong must for today’s living.


If you want to get in shape now, but are unsure how to develop a fitness regimen, want a fitness coaching staff that truly cares about your fitness goals, dislike the impersonal nature of the warehouse sized gym environment, want to get in shape but don’t have “time,” are bored/stagnant in your current regimen…. then Twisted “A” Fitness is for you.