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Lieutenant Rodney Anderson

rod_coach_sm Rodney has 22 years of service and dedication to his community. He has extensive training and awards in all aspects of law enforcement from the governor’s Narcotics Task Force to the DEA’s office. He also has a Black Belt and is a certified F.I.G.H.T. self-defense instructor. In 1995 Rodney began working for the Austin Independent School District Police Department and has received several promotions where he currently resides as Lieutenant of Uniform Services. Rodney is a 20 year veteran in personal training and strength and conditioning. He has a Coopers Institute Personal Training Certification and a Level 1 CrossFit Coach Certification. He has coached athletes of all skill levels, from elementary school to Division 1 college soccer, football and track athletes. A former football athlete from Texas A&I, Rodney believes that by reaching out to the kids through sports, he can build a community of champions.


Michelle Schlenker Anderson

michellecoach_smMichelle’s passion for fitness training and personal development originates from many years of competitive sports. She played both volleyball and basketball at William Penn University. She also coached volleyball at Montana State University Billings as a Graduate Assistant. Her goal is to be a role model to everyone she trains. She understands the struggles some clients face as they try to reach their health and fitness goals because she has been there…so it all makes sense. It’s not easy, if it was, everyone would be in great shape. After years of going to the gym and doing the same old routine of bicep curls, leg lifts, etc. and running on the treadmill or elliptical for 30-45 minutes, she was introduced to CrossFit and loved it. The WODs are never the same and always challenging no matter what level you are at. But in this industry, it’s not about how many certifications or degrees you have, it’s how you make your clients feel. Her plan is to motivate you in ways you never thought were possible. Exercise is a key component to overall balance in one’s life. She truly believes that taking care of your body carries over to a healthy mind. Not only do we look better, we have more ENERGY to do the things in life that matter to us.